Life's Journey with Tim Manson, the 7 Minute Motivator!

Spend your lunch on Tuesdays with Tim beginning November 12th, 2013 for a journey down the road of life with his new internet radio show, “Life’s Journey with Tim Manson, The 7 Minute Motivator!” on the Empowerment channel at internet radio.

The show will air live from noon until 1pm Central Standard Time. This is a show about inspiration and motivation that comes from a variety of sources, both within and without. Tim’s motto is, “Changing Minds, One Heart At A Time”. As an interactive show, listeners are encouraged to call in with questions or stories to encourage others.

This wonderfully eclectic show's focus is to inspire the audience to greatness and to overcome the adversities that threaten to overwhelm their lives. From major struggles with MS or cancer to life’s lesser struggles at work or home, the stories and guests Tim will present will entertain, educate and motivate the listeners to overcome the obstacles in their lives in order to follow their dreams. As such, Tim’s spotlight three major areas of interest in order to reach a broader audience.

Click here to listen in each Tuesday from noon until 1pm CST to “Life’s Journey with Tim Manson, The 7 Minute Motivator!” on the Empowerment channel at internet radio!

Timís first area of interest comes from his experience as a motivational speaker and will provide his audience those moments of motivation we all need to endure lifeís hardships. These segments will feature not only Tim’s words of wisdom, but those of others who do professional motivational speaking. Tim’s guests will motivate, inspire and provide hope to our listeners, showing that if they can overcome the obstacles in their lives, that it is always possible to overcome the trials and tribulations that may be going on in your own lives.

Tim’s second area of interest is Multiple Sclerosis. Diagnosed with MS in April of 2005, Tim knows the devastation this disease can cause. Tim also knows, as an MS conqueror, that we can overcome this disease and lead successful and productive lives. Tim will feature not only guests who also have MS and are leading successful lives, but health professionals, caregivers and researchers striving to find a cure. The battle cry of, “We  may have MS, but MS does NOT have us”, will be heard around the world with this radio show.

Tim’s third and final area of interest on the show will showcase and promote the value of equine assisted learning programs for companies and individuals. The power and spirit of the horse has always inspired and empowered us. Tim’s stories and guests in the equine assisted learning field will amaze you as you learn what the horse can do to empower us to success today, showing this to be such an effective organizational and personal development program. Listen to their whispers, for the horse has much to teach us. Listen in and find out just how much!

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