Meeting Facilitation: Key Factors in Facilitation


  • 1 day program

  • Designed to assist managers, supervisors, and trainers in facilitating meetings and/or interactive training programs

  • Participants must facilitate a 10 minute meeting or training session to their peers on a subject of their choice

  • Participants will be able to thoroughly prepare and facilitate future meetings or training sessions


This 1 day program is designed to provide managers and supervisors an extensive guide to assist them in successfully facilitating meetings. At the end of this course, participants will be able to thoroughly prepare for and facilitate meetings effectively and efficiently. During this training session, students must be prepared to facilitate meetings or fill other meeting roles in class. These presentations will be evaluated and critiqued by the course instructor as well as by student peers.


Our Meeting Facilitation Program helps people in your organization:

  • Hold more effective and efficient meetings
  • Reduce time spent in meetings
  • Improve meeting content
  • Enhance team cohesiveness
  • Provide critical Superior Organizational Facilitation Skills
  • Decrease conflicts in teams


At the end of this meeting program, "Factors in Successful Meeting Facilitation", participants will:

  • Define the meaning of Superior Facilitation
  • Develop an understanding of the Six Facilitator Competencies
  • Define key Facilitation Terms
  • List and describe Key Facilitation Skills
  • Utilize Five Meeting Facilitation Tools
  • Function in all Group Facilitation Roles
  • Effectively Facilitate a meeting or planning session


This program can be done in an 8 hour block, for the greatest impact on your organization. We can do the course at your location or at an off site conference facility.

"No grand idea was ever born in a conference, but alot of foolish ideas have died there."
F. Scott Fitzgerald, U.S. author, "The Crack-Up," "Notebook E," ed. by Edmund Wilson, 1945.
"Football combines the two worst features of American life. It is violence punctuated by committee meetings."
George Will, U.S. Journalist


Section 1-Basic Principles Of Facilitation

  • The Need For Superior Facilitation Skills
  • Familiar Meeting Traps & Successful Meeting Traits
  • Definition Of Facilitation Terms
  • The Model For Successful Meetings
  • Meeting Roles
  • 7 Key Facilitation Skills
  • Defining Your Facilitation Leadership Style

Section 2: Successful Techniques Of Facilitation

  • Prior Planning Prevents Poor Meeting Performance
  • Why hold meetings?
  • Types of meetings
  • Six Rules To Ensure Meeting Efficiency
  • Meeting Preparation, Objectives & Cohesiveness
  • Five Methods Of Facilitation
  • The Icebreaker
  • The Group Or Team Project
  • The Case Study
  • Using Questions And Answers Effectively
  • The Group Discussion

Section 3: Managing Conflicts In Small Groups

  • 10 Causes Of Tense Meetings
  • Managing Conflict In Small Groups
  • Five Techniques Of Conflict Management
  • Strategies For Countering Disruptive Group Behavior

Section 4: Mastering The Six Facilitator Competencies

  • The Six Facilitator Competencies
  • The Model For Superior Facilitation
  • Facilitation Competency #1: Using The Meaning Of Superior Facilitation
  • Facilitation Competency #2: Using The Model For Superior Facilitation
  • Facilitation Competency # 3: Using Team & Evaluation & Feedback
  • Facilitation Competency # 4: Using Quality Communication
  • Facilitation Competency # 5: Using The Special Fuctions Of Facilitation
  • Facilitation Competency # 6: Using Rational Tools

Section 5: Using Rational Tools

  • Tools For Generating Information And Ideas
  • Brainstorming
  • The Nominal Group Technique
  • The Gallery Method
  • Tools For Evaluating And Selecting Ideas
  • Consensus Decision Making
  • Plus-And-Minus Technique
  • Priority Analysis Technique
  • Tools For Quality Improvement
  • Flowcharting
  • Cause & Effect Diagrams

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