From civic organizations to small businesses to large corporations, Innovative Horizons is able to work with any group and customize sessions tailored for specific needs. Some of our clients have shared their satisfaction with our training sessions.

"This program gave me a great insight into how I operate in a group, as well as how several folks I work with operate. I've uncovered even more value in my corporate team members."

Barbara Dewes, Senior Sales Consultant, Corporate Visions, Inc.

"I got enumerable personal benefits from working with the horses and ideas! I really enjoyed the exercises; it was a fun program with an immediate improvement, self empowerment benefit."

Lila Todorova, Chief Creatologist - Product Design & Marketing, Corporate Visions, Inc.

"Worthwhile and helpful-something I'd recommend to others for sure."

Lorie Roberts, Product Marketing Manager, International Game Technologies, inc.

"Great. The horses were a good addition to the leadership training when we are wrapped up in the moment. It is cool to see how the horses reflect our emotions and actions."

Ty Johnson, Owner & Partner, Body By Ty

"It brought out my calmness. It gives you the ability and time to let go and reflect one's mood and actions. It lets you take responsible for your attitude."

Rossilyn Todorova, Arts Department, City of Carson/State of Nevada

"Great program to improve ourselves, to be a better asset to the company and to see our strengths and weaknesses."

Laura Rodriguez, Realtor, Exit Homevets Realty

"The program helped me to be a better person and realize that I have more to give to make the company I work for better than the competition!"

Nemie McLaughlin, Secretary, Exit Homevets Realty

"This program really tests your abilities to work as a group and team and the individual lessons learned will be a benefit to me."

Donna Morton, Realtor, Exit Homevets Realty

"Excellent program! This is a great format for learning!"

Jose Segarra, Real Estate Coach, Exit Homevets Realty

This program taught me how to build better relationships with co-workers and clients."

Cathy Patterson, Receptionist, Exit Homevets Realty

"It was great! I learned much more that I expected. I WILL take what I learned and implement it."

Margie Perez, Realtor, Exit Homevets Realty

"This program combines the multifaceted nature of the horse and an extensive understanding of what modern corporations look for in training. It was not until I started reading about Innovative Horizons that I began to understand how little I got out of these other trainings.The results are not just tangible—they are immediate and gratifying. I believe the E.A.G.L.E.S. program will revolutionize adult training programs in a corporate setting and bring to the 21st century what Deming brought into the 20th century."

Jacqueline Lackney, Assistant Station Manager, American Red Cross

"Very well conducted and received. The program permitted the team to discuss issues in a non-threatening environment, allowed me as the Chief to hear issues of concern to the team, and permitted me to reinforce the guidance, direction and policies of the organization."

LTC Jim Kanzenbach, United States Army, Chief, Battle Command Training and Integration Division

"Your approach provided opportunities to learn and practice observation skills, develop teamwork and problem solving skills. The audience was immediately engaged, building a relationship with you and the horses."

Ms. Sheryl Nolen, Texas Cooperative Extension, Bell County 4-H Coordinator

"The E.A.G.L.E.S program is a great tool to get the concept of teamwork across to everyone. You could see some of the team members do the same thing with the horses as they do in the office!"

SFC Joe A. Caughenbaugh, United States Army, Training Developer and NCOIC, Battle Command Training and Integration Division

"This is a focused, well directed, and lively 8-Day Training. The material is delivered in an interesting, comfortable and fun manner. The positive feedback at the conclusion of the workshop from my 10 participants confirmed they'd learned a great deal with the horses, each other, had fun doing it and could apply their experience to their day to day lives. I'd recommend this training to anyone with an interest in working with people and horses."

Joan Zalewski, Equine Assisted Training Specialist

"The whole hour was a delight! Most impressive was your ability to touch and involve your audience directly; your amazing visual aids and your quick sense of humor!"

Benne Willerman, Facilitator, Texas Intensive English Program

"Your consistent exemplary performance and professional approach in support of our organization clearly mark you as a superior performer."

Thomas Andrew, Colonel, U.S. Air Force, Commander

"Your Customer Service program provided new ideas on how to handle customers and solve problems."

Eddie Vega, International Project Mgr. Laboratory Tops, Inc.

"You were able to teach a complex subject in a clear, concise and understandable method to all students, regardless of rank and abilities."

Jess Wilkins, Training Director EER Systems

"The very best in the business. A 'Top Gun' trainer!"

Douglas Ballard, Private First Class, USA, 4th Infantry Division

"Your commitment as the tactical operations center site trainer was a key ingredient for computer system operability."

Thomas A. Schwartz, Lt. General, USA, Commanding Officer, III Corps

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