The Equine Assisted Training Specialist Certification Program


This 10 day program is designed to provide new trainers an extensive guide to assist them in developing and presenting quality training programs in the classroom as well as experientially. The certification program focuses on Equine Assisted Learning concepts from a corporate training standpoint. It is also designed as a great refresher for the more experienced trainers to hone their skills as well as add Equine Assisted Learning to their training skill set. At the end of this course, participants will be able to thoroughly prepare for and deliver an effective Equine Assisted Learning program according to training principles discussed and practiced in class and the Instructional Systems Design Model of Training and Development.


Basic Principles of Training

  • Formal Training vs. OJT
  • Sixteen Basic Skills Employees Require
  • What Is Being Taught
  • Training Practices Most Widely Used
  • Basic Training of Training Basics
  • Training Defined and Examined
  • Components of the Training Process

The Equine Assisted Learning Model of Training

  • Overview of the Equine Assisted Learning Model of Training
  • Safety in EAL
  • Benefits of Equine Assisted Learning
  • Comparison of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) vs. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)
  • EAL vs. EAP
  • Comparison of the Roles and Skills of the Trainer & Therapist
  • Why Horses Can Be Used in Human Training
  • Comparison of Human and Equine Posturing and Spatial Relationships
  • Equine Social Structure
  • Equine Psychology
  • The Herd Mentality
  • Understanding Equine Body Language
  • Characteristics of the Equine Social Structure
  • How Human Body Language Can Effect the Equine
  • Ten Natural Equine Survival Traits
  • Verbal Equine Communication
  • EAL Exercises and Outcomes
  • Using the Horse in Experiential Training
  • EAL Facilitation Techniques

The Experiential Learning Model of Training

  • Experiential Learning Defined
  • Experiential Learning Cycle
  • Experiential Learning Styles
  • Experiential Learning Methods

Adult Learning Theory

  • The Training Process
  • Four Levels of Learning
  • Learning Styles
  • Information Processing
  • Learner’s Perceptions
  • Adult Learning Conditions
  • Good Training Defined
  • The Trainer
  • The Positive Learning Environment
  • Methods of Training

Facilitation Skills For Experiential Learning

  • Facilitation of Adult Learning Programs
  • Definition of Facilitation Terms
  • Key Facilitation Skills
  • Facilitation Methods
  • Facilitation Roles
  • Group Facilitation

The ISD Model of Training

  • Overview of the Instructional Systems Design Model of Training
  • The Analysis Phase
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Audience Analysis
  • Other Analysis Considerations in Training

The ISD Design & Development Phase

  • Determining the Purpose of Training
  • Determining Learning Objectives
  • Designing Your Training Plan
  • Organizing Training Programs
  • Developing and Obtaining Required Training Materials

The ISD Implementation Phase

  • Implementation Phase Defined
  • Eight Steps of Effective Training Preparation

Effective Training Delivery

  • The Three Segments of a Training Session
  • Managing the Training Session
  • Communication and Presentation Skills (Verbal & Non-verbal)
  • Listening Skills
  • Essential Delivery Skills

The ISD Evaluation Phase

  • The Evaluation Phase Defined
  • Ten Reasons to Evaluate Training
  • What Areas Should Be Evaluated?
  • Five Levels of Evaluation
  • How to Evaluate Training?
  • Feedback

EAL Practical Application...EAL in the Arena

  • Using EAL in leadership enhancement programs
  • Using EAL in Team Building enhancement programs
  • Using EAL in Communications enhancement programs
  • Using EAL programs in tandem to attain multiple goal enhancement

The Action Plan

  • Interpreting EAL for the client
  • Creating the Client Action Plan

Check the Schedule of Events for the 10 day intensive Equine Assisted Training Specialist Certification Program (EATCP) public seminars!

To schedule your attendance in the Equine Assisted Training Specialist Program, other EAL seminars or for additional information, please contact us at 254.290.3446, email us at or inquire online.

"Tim, you are the heart and soul of this course. You instill in your students not only a desire to do this work, but also the tools and confidence to do this work.Thanks for giving me more than I ever expected. I feel honored to have been your student and proud to call you my friend."
Sue Hahn, Executive Director, Green Gate Farm
"I want to thank you for everything! You are a gifted man and a wonderful instructor! Not only does this program provide you with all the training and tools necessary to conduct successful equine assisted professional development programs, you encourage, support and motivate your students every step of the way. You went above and beyond meeting my expectations! At the end of his program, I felt competent in my abilities along with the knowledge and confidence that I can and will succeed!"
Amy Townsend, Busines Development Director, Green Gate Farm
 "Tim, you are an excellent facilitator and teacher. You have developed a very comprehensive program and an outstanding EAL facilitation model. Thank you."
Dr. Don Zimmerman, PhD, Strides to Success
 "This is a focused, well directed, and lively 8-Day Training. The material is delivered in an interesting, comfortable and fun manner. The positive feedback at the conclusion of the workshop from my 10 participants confirmed they'd learned a great deal with the horses, each other, had fun doing it and could apply their experience to their day to day lives. I'd recommend this training to anyone with an interest in working with people and horses. "
Joan Zalewski, Equine Assisted Training Specialist
“Very intense and full of information. An amazing tool box full of useful tools.”
Jamilee Shaffer, Hair On Fire
"Superior! Exposed to concise and specific material that is a foundation to facilitation of EAL that also enhances the other teaching and training activities I engage in."
Jerilee Merkle, MSW, DPCSW, LCSW, BCD, Merkle Counseling Associates
“This incredible program has given me the experience of the relationship with people, horses and myself that I have always wanted!”
Mona Loner, Sky Wind Ranch
“Tim’s program has an in depth, solid foundation that gave me the effective tools and incredible insight needed to be the best equine Assisted Training Specialist!”
Sarah Hahn, Hair On Fire
“Fabulous! The shared knowledge will give us the confidence to launch our corporate EAL program!”
Debbie Anderson, Executive Director, Strides to Success

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