Personal Growth: Horses on the Horizon


This 1 day program focuses on personal growth and development. Our horses will show you how to grow from colts and fillies to true stallions and mares!The thrust is to explore new ways to find that filly and colt that is running inside you. Whether you are in a corporation or at home, these areas of personal progress can enhance your way of life and your way of living:

Goal Setting

  • Identify & Attain Team Goals
  • How Personal & Team Goals Mesh

Confidence Building

  • Overcome Fears
  • Embrace Challenges
  • Foster New Ideas
  • Accept Change

At ClassGaining Personal Insight

  • Recognize And Adapt To The Personality Traits Of Others
  • Recognize Your Own Personality Traits

Communication Skills

  • The Communication Process
  • Listening
  • Non-Verbal
  • Verbal
  • Creative Thinking

To schedule your corporate or association class or for more information, please contact us at 254.290.3446, email us at or inquire online.

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"I never thought of myself as creative, but I saw in working with the teams that I was an important piece of the pie and more creative than I thought. It was a very positive experience!"
Ms. Roberta Luke, NCM Associates
"Your program taught me that creativity and thinking outside the box can help solve problems at home or work and there are no "Lone Rangers" in success!"
Carolyn Zillner, Home School Mom
"The program mirrors what often happens in the work place. You know what you want the horse to do, the horse hears you, but he has his own ideas about what should be happening. You have to learn to communicate effectively before anything gets done."
Mr. Ken Murphy, Lockheed-Martin Training Developer, Battle Command Training and Integration Division
"I got enumerable personal benefits from working with the horses and ideas! I really enjoyed the exercises; it was a fun program with an immediate improvement, self empowerment benefit."
Lila Todorova, Chief Creatologist - Product Design & Marketing, Corporate Visions, Inc.
"It brought out my calmness. It gives you the ability and time to let go and reflect one's mood and actions. It lets you take responsible for your attitude."
Rossilyn Todorova, Arts Department, City of Carson/State of Nevada
"The program helped me to be a better person and realize that I have more to give to make the company I work for better than the competition!"
Nemie McLaughlin, Secretary, Exit Homevets Realty

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