Motivational Speaking Keynotes

Tim offers several motivational keynotes; the details of each are listed in the right part of the page:

Les Brown and Tim Manson

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Create Your Greatest Life

Our most popular keynote, in this lively, sometimes serious and sometimes humorous presentation, Tim asks the questions, “Where are you now?”, “Where do you want to be?” and “Are you living up to your fullest potential?” Tim shows participants how to do just that and uses uses six strategies to help his audience Create Their Greatest Life!

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Turning Adversity Into Action

Tim will discuss how his life was changed when he received the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and how his life has now been changed for the better. In sharing his story of courage in the face of adversity, his audience can overcome obstacles in their lives by following Tim’s example.

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Compassion, Confidence and Courage

Using the characters of the beloved, “Wizard of Oz!”, Tim motivates his audience to find the gifts of Compassion, Confidence and Courage that they already have deep down inside of them.

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Final Gifts

In this presentation, Tim shards the moving and inspirational story of his father’s last days and the Final Gifts he gave Tim during this special time, and encourages his audience to seek the final gifts during the last days of their own loved ones lives.

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Put the Big Rocks in First

Program Focus: To assist participants in you identifying individual time management strengths, the areas in which you can improve and strategies for effectively taking control of your time and your life.


  • Learn The 12 Keys To Successful Time Management
  • Identify Your Personal Time Management Strengths
  • Discover Ways To Improve Your Time Management

In this presentation, Tim uses the metaphor of "rocks" as elements of time. We have all said that there is never enough time to do what needs to be done. Time management is crucial to thriving business today. Tim shows his audience how to recognize and improve the 12 key "rocks" of successful time management at work and at home.

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The Power of Perception

perception Program Focus: To provide participants with the knowledge and inspiration needed to enable them to view their own personal perceptions in a different and more positive light.


  • Learn How Our Perceptions Shape Or Misshape Us
  • Identify The 3 Laws Of Perception
  • Learn How To Control Your Perceptions To Improve The Way You Look At Life's Situations

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Listentication - The Art of Hearing What is Said, and Seeing What You Hear!

Program Focus: To provide participants with the tools they need to become more accomplished listeners at work and at home.


  • Learn To Listen Effectively To Increase Organizational Effectiveness
  • Become A Better Communicator Both At Work And At Home
  • Improve Customer Service And Increase Customer Loyalty

Listening skills are perhaps the most critical communication tools companies can employ for maximum performance. Unfortunately, it is one of the most misunderstood and ineffectively used communication tools that companies employ. Tim will discuss how you can improve your listening skills both at work and at home, maximizing both your organizational as well as your personal effectiveness.

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Timing Is Everything

The Risk of the Rodeo'er

Program Focus: To encourage participants to move beyond self imposed limits, enabling them to improve their quality of life both on and off the job.


  • Learn To Effectively Evaluate Risk
  • Know When To Jump And When To Stay
  • Employ Risk Assessment Tools To Minimize Stress

Clown Tim believes that successful business today is just like a successful rodeo, complete with the ups and downs of some wild rides! Tim talks about his exploits as a former rodeo clown and how risk is sometimes necessary to accomplish your goals, both professionally and personally!

This presentation not only discusses risk from a corporate point of view, but from a personal point of view as well. Tim compares his activities as a rodeo clown and bullfighter and providing "cowboy protection" to employees providing "company protection".

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