Team Building: Who's in Your Herd?


This 1 day team building program is designed not only for corporations but families as well. Horses are not only your facilitators but your team mates as well. They will show you just what you need to know to improve your team building skills at work as well as at home, in the following areas:

Team Building

  • Team Member Roles & Responsibilities
  • Identify & Attain Personal Goals
  • Team Member Effectiveness
  • Working With Different Personalities

Goal Setting

  • Identify & Attain Team Goals
  • How Personal & Team Goals Mesh

Gaining Personal Insight

  • Recognize And Adapt To The Personality Traits Of Others
  • Recognize Your Own Personality Traits

To schedule your corporate or association class or for more information, please contact us at 254.290.3446, email us at or inquire online.

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"This is a great way to refocus, re-energize and rebuild a team, group or any organization."
Mr. Esau Esau, Lockheed-Martin Training Developer, Battle Command Training and Integration Division
"The E.A.G.L.E.S program is a great tool to get the concept of team- work across to everyone. You could see some of the team members do the same thing with the horses as they do in the office!"
United States Army, Training Developer and NCOIC, Battle Command Training and Integration Division
"This program gave me a great insight into how I operate in a group, as well as how several folks I work with operate. I've uncovered even more value in my corporate team members."
Barbara Dewes, Senior Sales Consultant, Corporate Visions, Inc.
"This program really tests your abilities to work as a group and team and the individual lessons learned will be a benefit to me."
Donna Morton, Realtor, Exit Homevets Realty
"This program taught me how to build better relationships with co-workers and clients."
Cathy Patterson, Receptionist, Exit Homevets Realty

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