What Is Equine-Assisted Learning?

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is an experiential learning experience that uses horses not as tools, but as active participants that help to facilitate the learning experience for the human participants. By examining equine behavior, and how the horses may or may not react to us, we can better understand what may be more effective in our own human relationships. EAL combines human and equine training and relationship principles.

EAL uses a team approach, bringing together a horse specialist, a trained facilitator and the horses, to assist individuals and groups. Through a collaborative experiential learning process, people use experience, reflection, generalization, and application to facilitate learning. The equine-assisted model helps individuals learn about themselves and others by participating in activities with the horses and then processing feelings, behaviors, and patterns, recognizing how these may relate to the workplace or at home. While EAL is related to other experiential programs, equine assisted programs have the added element of horses with as many different personalities, attitudes and moods as the humans they are working with.

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